Trumpeters Iced Tea
This year we welcome Trumpeters Iced Tea to the line up at the Bendigo Craft Beer & Cider Festival.

We’re all about variety at the Bendigo Craft Beer & Cider Festival. Let us break it down for ya:

20 Beer & 6 Cider Brewers
6 Foodtrucks
6 Live Bands
3 Sitting Areas

Most relevant to this article however, is drink diversity. Not everyone is a fan of hops and a smooth head of beer, we understand that. We also answer to it by offering both non-alcoholic and boozy bevs on the day. An exciting addition to this year’s festival is Alcoholic Iced Tea.


This refreshing beverage goes a long way back to the colonial times, when Americans would drink iced tea as cold alcoholic punch, made with green tea leaves.
In 1879 publication, Housekeeping in Old Virginia, the first discovered iced tea recipe was showcased – a very humble tea/ice/sugar combo…with a small fresh lemon garnish as an adventurous addition.

Haven’t we come a long way since then?! Now, cost effective black tea is primarily used as a base for iced tea, and there are many recipes that adhere to a wide range of cultures and the seasons. Fresh fruit serves as a sweet element and garnish, there are endless options to add and create something unique, especially with the addition of various alcohols.


Iced Tea alone has many nutritional benefits. It’s hydrating, assists the heart health and provides a high dose of anti-oxidants. It’s a perfect alternative to a sweetened soft drink high in calories, so the guilt on your sugar intake needn’t exist. The only thing to keep an eye on is your alcohol consumption, if consuming the spiked kind.

Flat lay Trumpeters


Understanding that these benefits of iced tea may be overrode with additives and a bucket load of sweeteners, Trumpeters considers authenticity and keeps things simple. With no preservatives, colours or nasties, their iced tea is GF and suitable for vegan diets. And the sugar? Only 6% of organic cane.

Trumpeters makes an excellent base for cocktails with a complimentary dash of lemon, lime or mint to enhance the natural experience“.

Want to make your own magnificent iced tea base? Below is a recipe to hold on to. You can make the base anytime of the year, and add the fruits as they come into season. Check that alcohol cabinet too, what’s inside of it will very well point you in the right direction…

Basic Brew Recipe
Basic Brew Pic Trumpeters